Honest observations from a girl taking life one step or 'stumble' at a time

When Life hands you Lemons...



Life hands us beautiful moments, grace when we don't deserve it, love that astounds us, and blessing that are beyond comprehension.  

It also has a way of kicking the crap out of us.

From bliss to betrayal.  How could life do this to me?! I live a good life, I care about people, I work hard, etc. etc. what the ....

When life hands you lemons...making lemonade may not be the healthy option.  There are some things that just can't be sweetened.  

Embrace the sour, accept the hard, throw a temper tantrum, and find your 'grit'. 

Be confident in your ability to get through it.  

Find creative ways to manage the emotion, anxiety, and anything else that bubbles up inside.  Give yourself permission to 'lose it'. Living with hard stuff is...well..hard! 

Develop actions and habits that keep you resilient.  

Find your feet first, dig your toes into the earth, flex your heart muscles, breathe deep, and embrace the moment. It's there whether you like it or not. How you choose to perceive it is the most important step to maintaining that 'grit'. 



A girl who used to fantasize that if she was 'perfect', life would be perfect, people would like her, and she would be happy.  To her chagrin, she discovered through many trials and tribulations that it was a completely heady and absolutely unattainable goal.  What travesty!  You mean people, life, the world could change her life without her say so?! How utterly devastating, and yet completely liberating.    

A girl who used to try to find ways to calm the storm and find an even keel in rough seas.  Instead she works on riding those crazy waves, not without fear or the occasional fetal position bawl session that's for sure, but definitely with a 'grit' mindset and the expectation that she will come out the other side with salt in her hair, a steadier stance, a few more bumps and bruises, and one more step in her growth journey. 

A girl who is not a fan of the phrase 'letting go' She prefers the concept of moving forward, one small step at a time. And the farther she distances the larger the gap between hanging onto the past and accepting the present. 

A girl who has discovered that depression is a product of hanging onto the past, and anxiety is the product of constantly living in the future.  That living in the 'present' is her only freedom and embracing the ups and downs of her journey from the inside out brings joy, peace, and stability.  That and sometimes a dose of antidepressants.

A girl that has been blessed by a community of support who have taught me that living healthy, means understanding that 'me' is not some random 'personality' but a combination of firing neurotransmitters, hormones,  proteins, minerals, water, etc. and understanding how to keep them balanced is nutrition for a healthy attitude. 




*Re-group, Re-ground, and 'Get Up!' 

"When losing it, grab a stick and go wale on a tree, trust me, it helps"

"Feel free to throw a temper tantrum, (in private or with a close friend), then move forward."

"There is no substitute for wine, this is a joy food and to be mindfully indulged in when necessary."

"Fake it till you make it is a pile of poo"

"Adjust your perspective before you try to change your attitude, otherwise it's just gonna bite you in the bum"

"Our attitude may not change our circumstances, but it will give us the 'grit' and control to move through them"

"Some things cannot be overcome...and that's ok...it doesn't mean you don't get in the ring"

"'Grit is more about an attitude than an end game"

"In all things, accept the inevitability of change"

"You have the power to influence your circumstances just remember to do your best  to detach from the outcome."

"Work at all things from the inside out, start with your heart, then your gut, then give your head a chance to weigh in, then your words, then your actions, and finally adopt a posture of acceptance and let the chips fall where they may."

"Integrity is, above all, the most important character attribute. Incorporate it in everything you do"

" Everything will be alright in the end, and if it's not alright, it's not the end."

*Kristy's disclaimer: there is no time limit on the first two. Sometimes getting our stuff together and finding our perspective takes time. Give yourself a break. 

About Kristy

My Life is...

rather unconventional.  As a 'jack of all trades' I live a life of variety,  inevitably facing ever present challenge. I don't have much grounding in my physical life., requiring consistent efforts to find it internally. A truly worthy, scary ...maddening and uplifting journey.  

My Heart is...

soft which means life can hurt a little more often than some.  Yet, it also brings gorgeous abundance in relationship and community.  My heart's desire is to share the journey with people.  To collectively absorb everything we can out of this beautiful, chaotic mess we call life. To be open and vulnerable, to share joy, pain, hope, lessons learned and laugh our asses off in the process.   To live a life of passion, purpose, fulfillment, service and integrity.  And to ride the waves together, and come out cheering (and breathing) at every crest. 

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A healthy mind

A healthy body

My family

My friends



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